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Management Inc.

Project: Prescience Management Inc.

Prescience Management came to Westrade Construction with a turnkey office renovation. As the main contractor, Westrade Construction’s objective for the project was to fill the space with a facelift that best personified the client’s core values of integrity, loyalty and passion. Working with a third-party designer, the aesthetic goal for Prescience Management’s renovation was to create a sleek, modern work environment with a touch of mid-century modern to shape a comfortable and professional space for the team.


The main responsibilities of this project included the full demolition of the existing walls, as well as the construction and execution of the design for a new space. These responsibilities also included the construction of new partition walls, installation of side lighting and painting. Window partitions were added with a specialized film to bring in natural light while giving a desired amount of privacy to the occupants of the offices. 


A modification was also made to the existing ceiling grid as well as its current mechanical systems and electrical components. The ceiling was then reconstructed with new tiles and distinct custom lighting fixtures with the goal of bringing a mid-century modern flare to the office spaces. 


With the aid of a designer, Westrade Construction added textured accent walls to bring a level of substance to the office along with acoustic boardroom paneling to provide sound-proofing to the rest of the area. Traditional boardrooms are rarely designed with sound in mind, so the installation of acoustic paneling will allow for Prescience Management to have more productive meetings that do not disturb the surrounding office. The designer chose golden accented lightning fixtures to compliment the new look and feel of the rooms. Custom millwork was also installed to compliment the space along with contrasting, new carpet tile and porcelain flooring. 


A major component of this project was working with the designer to create a bold piece for the reception area. The result was a custom designed and built curved wall with texture. The custom wall was designed to replicate traditional adze wood textures, creating a traditional look with a modern feel. The feature wall also uses expertly installed LED lighting and serves as a backdrop that will leave a lasting impression to all visitors.

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