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Project: Tereposky & DeRose

Westrade Construction was approached by Tereposky & DeRose with a complete turnkey leasehold improvement proposal. This project would require major renovations in their pre-existing building and office with the ultimate goal of an overhaul of the current space. A new design would also be implemented using a third-party designer to reflect the knowledge, expertise and prestige of Tereposky & DeRose. 


As the project’s main contractor, Westrade Construction was responsible for the demolition of the extant office suite as well as the construction, layout plan and carry out of the design for the new space. They were also tasked with installing new partition walls, sidelights and luxury tiled vinyl flooring.


In addition to the features, new window dividers were installed to create an open work space with ample, natural lighting while ensuring a functional barrier for optional privacy that was stylish.


A full upgrade was made to the existing bathrooms with ceramic subway tiles and light coloured grouting for the walls. The project’s designer chose modern, dark coloured ceramic tiling for the floors to create a contrast with the walls for a striking, complimentary look. The room was then polished off with granite countertops and state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures.


A major piece of this overhaul included the removal of the existing dropped ceiling. The removal of the ceiling required extra care due to the mechanical systems and electrical components that needed minding. Acoustic ceiling panels were installed to replace the old grid tiles along with new lighting fixtures.


Westrade Construction put the finishing touches on the design of the project by using a light colour palette for the walls to create a bright and inviting look for the work space. New wallpaper with a lively texture was added to the hallways to break up the space and create interest. A custom wooden feature wall was installed in the reception area to add a bold, eye-catching statement for every person who enters the office.

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