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Project: Embrun Smiles

Westrade Construction was assigned with a complete turnkey construction and delivery of a third-party design project for a new dental clinic inside a new building. Embrun Smiles is a dental office committed to the best possible dental care by leaving every client with a smile, which is why it was important for Westrade Construction to build a happy and comforting environment for their clients.


As the main contractor, Westrade Construction was involved from inspection to construction and with design implementation. This project included architectural, monitoring, evaluation and design drawings. Westrade Construction also took care of all of the mechanical and electrical work throughout the office.


A major aspect of the project was the plumbing of the office. Westrade Construction expertly executed the slab cutting, as well as repouring of the concrete after plumbing tipping was completed. A new suspended ceiling system was installed with ceiling tiles and lighting throughout the office of Embrun Smile; this also included all the mechanical work and electrical systems. For the layout of the office, the construction of partitions was implemented along with new door installations. Roller shade window coverings were installed on the windows to bring ample amounts of natural light into the reception area while acting as black-out blinds in each of the offices when needed. Luxury vinyl tile flooring, resembling wood plank, was also installed throughout the office.


The main goal of the project was to create a happy and inviting space with a modern twist. Westrade Construction achieved this with the aid of a designer who chose to use light paint colours and dark woods to contrast the accent stone walls found throughout the office. Bold, specialty lighting was installed along with custom millwork at the reception desk to create an elegant space to greet visitors. The same feeling of the reception area was brought over to the coffee station, a barrier-free vanity, kitchen, employee lockers and eye-wash station, which all kept with the modern theme. The focal piece of the office is the bold stonework wall, which reaches up to the ceiling and is sure to leave a lasting impression with all visitors of Embrun Smiles.


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