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Dr. Hugues


Project: Dr. Hugues Boivin

Westrade Construction was tasked with the renovation and reconstruction of the office of Dr. Hugues Boivin after the office was left in an unusable state due to an unfortunate flooding incident. The goal of the project was to restore and improve the space to one that was bright, colorful, warm and inviting to all of Dr. Boivin’s patients.


This meant Westrade Construction was tasked with reconstructing and design implementation of the office, as well as providing their expertise on avoiding obstacles associated with a water damaged space. Working in water damaged spaces can be difficult as the restoration process can be sensitive and timely. Once the demolition was completed by an abatement company, Westrade Construction worked on brightening up the space. In order to do this, a new paint job was applied to the entire office and lighting diffusers were installed to create a soft, warm environment for patients and employees. 


Colour theory was brought in by a designer for the colour choices of the transparent doors and paneling. Not only do the colours selected work well together and look aesthetically pleasing, but they also influence Dr. Boivin’s patients. The colour palette of blues, purples and yellows was selected to represent calmness, trust and energy. The dentist can be a stressful place for some patients and these colours convey a safe and soothing place. 


A custom ceiling curve, also called coved ceilings, was created in the hallway and at the reception area to create a mid-century modern look for the rest of the office. Coved ceilings also make rooms appear larger and more open; furthering a safe space for nervous patients. A new floating floor system was installed along with the custom millwork baseboards that serve as a contrasting border to the flooring.


Westrade Construction created custom glass panels for each of the office doors in addition to dividers for the reception area. The goal of the dividers and custom glass was to bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the office. Custom millwork was done for the reception desk along with the dental cabinetry used in the offices and in storage. These details are sure to inspire happiness and smiles in all patients.

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