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Canadian Bar


Project: Canadian Bar Association

Westrade Construction was entrusted with a turnkey construction project for a major Canadian institution, the Canadian Bar Association. The proposal for this construction project included three large scopes of work; the elevator lobby, the washrooms and the office itself. The construction took place in an existing building and was conducted in a single phase.


As the main contractor on the project, Westrade Construction was responsible for the demolition of the entire office floor including abatement and stripping the floor down to its shell. For the elevators and the elevator lobby, the goal was to create something as grand and awe-inspiring as the Canadian Bar Association. With these goals in mind, Westrade Construction began work on constructing a curved ceiling to the elevator lobby and a custom glass door to tie the space altogether. The design was completed with stainless steel resin on the elevator doors and frames to maintain a bold and professional look.


Westrade Construction was also in charge of the demolition and the upgrades to the washrooms. This involved both improvements and updates to the washroom including new stainless steel fixtures to match the exterior lobby. Exquisite granite countertops were added to the bathroom to give it an updated and contemporary feel. Along with new porcelain and carpet tiling for the floors, custom lighting was installed surrounding the mirror to give it a Hollywood effect.


For the office, the Canadian Bar Association wanted a professional and comfortable atmosphere that provided both transparency and privacy to its employees. For Westrade Construction, this meant the construction of the new layout included custom frosted window films for personalized sliding doors to every office, as well as roller shades for all of the windows. This brought natural light to all employees while maintaining a professional and private atmosphere to everyone's work environment.


Westrade Construction completed the look and feel of an untouched office by giving the space a new coat of paint. The office also received a new drop down ceiling, inclusive of new ceiling tiles. Lighting was also installed throughout the office along with the speciality lighting requested in the boardrooms. The custom lighting included backlit countertops and underlit cupboards to illuminate various awards and memorabilia displayed by the Canadian Bar Association.


Carpet tile flooring was laid in the office area along with custom signage at reception. New, luxury vinyl tiling was also included in the redesign of the kitchen area. Custom millwork was installed throughout the space, including custom shelving units, printing and the kitchen cabinets.


One challenging aspect of the project was the construction of the custom podcast recording studio. Acoustic paneling and dividers were installed in the space to establish an area that was easy for collaboration with the content creators. The installation of these acoustic pieces would keep noise and disruptions to a minimum while providing a quiet and creative space for the content creators and the rest of the office.

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